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Marie wrote more than twenty books as Rie McGaha. All but two of these are referred to as "erotic romance." What they really are is pornographic smut. Just because they have a plot, (which is really the only things that separates "erotic romance" from "erotica") doesn't really change a thing. No matter that the sex scenes are written between couples who are going to wind up living happily ever after, or the book ends with the possibility of the couple in question winding up married, the fact is, it's erotica, pornography, smut, or whatever else you want to call it. The market for this genre is huge and growing, especially in same-sex story lines. 

So what was Marie doing writing this stuff? In the beginning she didn't write erotic romance, she just wanted to write sweet romance but she couldn't get a publisher to look at her work. So when her first publisher asked her to write sex scenes for the couples involved, she wasn't sure how to go about it but the publisher was quick to help. She taught Marie how to write the erotic scenes and some twenty or so books later, Marie had become quite good at it. However, the problem was that Marie struggled with each scene she wrote, and eventually had to have a couple of drinks to relax in order to write the smut. What a testimony that is that one bad habit flows into another!

Finally, the moment came when Marie had to either put up or shut up, as the saying goes. In essence, she had could either listen to the Holy Spirit of God, who kept telling her to quit, or to shut God out all together. Having been an ordained minister, evangelist, and Christian, although a back-slidden one, Marie said, "Yes, Lord." With that, she quit writing. Although she sent notices to her publishers that she would no longer be promoting her books, and would like them to let her out of the contracts she had with several different publishers, only one released her, and one other cancelled the contract for three upcoming releases.

After her first husband, Bear passed away, Marie wrote her memoirs of life with Bear, called Dancing With Bear: A Love Story and self- published. From there she went on to establish Dancing With Bear Publishing in his memory, and dedicated herself and her company to publishing clean reads. However, after a few months, the Lord once again had a chat with Marie. He didn't want her publishing "clean reads," He wanted her publishing books that glorify Him. So Marie cancelled submission calls and reevaluated the situation, she rewrote the submission guidelines, and then began writing again. When God Talks, It's Time To Listen was her first non-fiction godly book, followed by the series Comfort & Joy book one: forgiveness.

Marie now feels the publishing company is going in the direction God wants it to, and she is working on the second book in the series, Comfort & Joy book two: marriage, with Pastor David Sseurkenya, due out soon.

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